How to Acculate Washing Machines Serving for Hotel_

If you want to set up one laundry shop , How to choose laundry washing machines and How to process every thing  ? 

Chapter One : Make a Burget 

First of all , to be sure what kind of laundry shop you are going to set up  ? How much money you can invest in to the business , In another word , The laundry shop should be able to be match with the stars of your hotel \
In Conclusion , One accurate orientate of your laundry shop will detemine your laundry shop class ,your laundry shop function and also the members of your laundry shop workers 


Chapater : Acculating of Laundry Washing Machine 


Every thing is acculating by the hotel rooms and workers , If one star hotel star its new laundry laundry shop , and it has the following stituation

1、700 Rooms ;

2、Workers 1000 ,,which 80% of them is ordinary employee and 20 of them is senior stuff
( Theiry working uniform need to be washed )

3、 The annual occupancy rate is 70% ,and every washing and Ironing cycle is 1 hour , and the machines need to work 16 hours a day ( Two shift )


◆ Laundry Washing Machine 

A:Clients Garments :To assume that 20% of the client need to wash their garments ,and every cleint has 1 kgs to wash  P1=700×70%×20%×1kg=98kg

B:  Workers Uniform : To acculate by 1000 workers and every suits is 1.0kgs , and they change every two days  


C:Every day the Wet laundry washing weight is as follows :


According the above acculation , it will be 598kgs fabric need to washed every day , and every day has 15 effective washing cycle , every washing cycle will be 598÷15=39.87kg ,if want wash 39.87kgs fabric every washing cycle , the following washing machine is recommended 

A: Automatic Washer Extractor Model XGQ-15F (15kg)2set 

B: Automatic Washer Extractor Model XGQ-25F  (25kg)1set 

C: Hotair Drying Tumbler Model HGQ30            (30kg)3set 

The above machines and model is the most Popular and Common laundry washing and drying machine in the market , you could also consider the situation of increasing washing asignment which is about 50% .that to add one  two sets of  50kgs washer extractorand one set of 15kgs washer extractor ,instead of two sets of 15kgs washer extractor and one set of 25kgs washer extractor  

※  All need to be acculate by the Reality of the hotel , and please make sure there is enough allowance of washing capacity  


◆ Dry Cleaning Machine 

A: Senior Workers' Uniform :If acculate by 200 workers ,and every suits is 1.5kgs , and the workers every 7 days change their uniform 


B: Cleints Suits :Acculate by 700 rooms and the occupency rate is 70% ,and on average 20% of them need dry cleaning service ,and each suits is 1.5kgs  .


C:The total dry cleaning weight will be as followings :


If every day wash 189.86 kgs suits ,and there is 15 effective working cycle every day , and each working cycle need to wash 189.86÷15=12.66kg, So each working cycle need wash 12.66kgs suits 
That we suggest one set of 13kgs to 15kgs dry cleaning machine

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