Thinking of starting a new laundry business?_

For new businesses, it can be challenging to decide which commercial equipment will best suit your needs. Of course, the budget needs to be considered, but more importantly, is it the best machine for the job it requires?

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We’ve been involved in the commercial laundry business for many years, and our customer service advisers are happy to help you plan out the design, layout, and equipment required for a new business venture. We provide a leasing & rental service, which can be incredibly cost-efficient for businesses. Leasing commercial laundry equipment enables businesses to keep the cash in their bank rather than stumping up one large payment.

In addition, the lease-to-buy scheme is 100% tax efficient if you are VAT-registered. The best benefit is that at the end of the lease payment term, your business owns all the equipment, which becomes an asset. Our lease plan is an unsecured form of borrowing, and the only security required is the equipment.
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With a focus on outstanding customer service, yishiwashing also offers free planning and CAD drawings. Our experienced laundry designers can help with the layout of machines, help you plan utilities such as water and electricity and offer advice on the best machines for your needs. Financing options are available across a two, three, four or five-year term. Tax relief Leasing business equipment is eligible for tax relief which can, therefore, reduce costs by around 20%.

If a business had to take out a loan to pay for this equipment outright, this wouldn’t be tax deductible, so there are clear financial benefits. We treat every customer individually, and our dedicated team will find the best possible solution for any budget, however large or small.

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