what type of commercial washing machine do i need for business?_

There are many commercial washing machines; make sure you buy the right one for the job. High spin – low spin, and fast spin are all designed for different applications.


This new generation of washing machines combine the latest technology with the best quality and materials.  Its user-friendly and intuitive programming makes them suitable for all types of applications, dry-cleaners, self-service launderettes and commercial or industrial laundries, hospitals and care/nursing homes.


These amazing commercial washing machines from Primer in the LS range, including models 11, 14, 18, 25, 35, 45, 60 and 120kg, all offer an incredibly high spin rate at 1100rpm. This provides a better-quality material than other manufacturers, increased resistance to external agents, which lengthens the washer life and prevents corrosion, not to mention that it gives it an elegant look that you don’t get from anything but stainless steel.



Not only are these machines well-made and durable, but each unit also contains a touch control microprocessor with a touch screen, a ton of functions and features, and is easy to program, which allows you to save as much energy as possible. The LS range of washers also offers the necessary features to be able to use the WET CLEANING system, which may ultimately lead to a reduction in costs as well.

Not only this, but these amazing machines are also easy to maintain with easy-to-access mechanical parts and screen control that allows you to check your history of technical menus, has failure self-diagnosis systems, alarms and more so you know when there’s a problem. Add one of these hard-working LS commercial washing machines to your business and see firsthand the quality and durability of the unit immediately.

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