Water- and energy-saving washing machines for your company_

In this blog we will discover how the yishiwashing machine technology with TOUCH II of our washing machines not only guarantees impeccable cleaning but also makes an effective contribution to water conservation.

Water and energy saving in industrial laundries

Drought, considered as a temporary weather anomaly in which water is below normal levels, is not an open secret. Over the last few months we have heard in different media how the drought is affecting our country mainly due to the lack of rainfall and the increase in temperatures, putting the availability of water at risk. Becoming aware and starting to take actions to save water will allow us to have water in the future.

For this reason, at yishiwashing we support the water recovery cycle. In this way, we do not waste water in the washing process, but we manage to save up to 60%. Next, we will see how the technology used in our washing machines helps to save water and why they are essential in washing companies.

What technology do water-saving washing machines use?

yishiwashing water-saving washing machines have the option of ECOTANK water recovery tanks, an essential element in 21st century eco-friendly laundries. These tanks save up to 60% of the annual water consumption and offer efficient and sustainable washing processes.

The ECOTANK tank is attached to the washing machines and can be easily adapted to both front-mounted washing machines and models with sanitary barrier from our yishiwashing catalogue. The TOUCH II microprocessor technology allows the programming and connection between the machine and the tank, making the installation process easy and simple.

In addition, yishiwashing industrial washing machines offer efficient features such as the option of a weighing system, which guarantees the necessary amount of water and chemicals in the washing process. This contributes to the reduction of water consumption and preservation of the environment.

Why should my company have a water-saving washing machine?

From yishiwashing we provide companies with washing machines that have a water saving system thanks to its recovery cycle and that also offer different benefits such as:

  • Great savings: ECOTANK tanks save 60% of the annual water consumption thanks to the optimisation of processes.
  • Reuse of chemicals: The ECOTANK system also reuses the chemicals in the wash water, so there is also a saving in detergent.
  • Adaptability and ergonomics: This tank has a capacity of up to 150 litres, yet it takes up little space and fits into any laundry thanks to its design.
  • State-of-the-art technology: The TOUCH II processor controls the use of the machine and connectivity via a display. Also, it contains self-cleaning tanks with pre-set and removable programmes for proper cleaning and maintenance.

yishiwashing water-saving washing machines

At yishiwashing, we offer the best options for your industrial laundry, thanks to our latest generation machinery with innovative and modern designs with a wide range of features such as productivity, efficiency, safety and connectivity.

Our catalogue has different ranges of industrial washing machines that allow us to satisfy the needs of our customers. They are equipped with the high G-Factor, which reduces humidity and drying time. The TOUCH II microprocessor has ecological programmes such as WET CLEANING.

The TOUCH II also allows to control the traceability of each cycle allowing the recovery of water with our ECOTANK tanks, it also has 8 dosing signals, etc.

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If you want to know more about saving water and energy for your laundry, one of our commercial agents will give you personalised advice, just fill in the contact form that you will find by clicking on this link. You can also call us by phone at (+34) 93 888 71 53 or send us an e-mail to yishiwashing@gmail.com

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