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What benefits can industrial washing machines offer the hotel sector?

It is well known that hotels require the highest degree of hygiene and perfect, spotless results. In a hotel, all cleaning tasks must be carried out with rigour and neatness in order to provide guests with the degree of comfort they undoubtedly deserve.

On this basis, it is our duty to show you everything that the latest generation yishiwashing washing, drying and ironing equipment can do for your business. Here we go!

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What type of industrial washing machines are used in large hotels?

In large hotels, high capacity, high performance industrial washing machines are generally used to handle large volumes of laundry. These washers are specifically designed for the intensive and continuous use required in hotel environments.

It is important to note that laundry requirements may vary depending on the size and specific needs of each hotel. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is advisable to consult our industrial laundry equipment specialists to determine the best laundry machine option for a particular hotel.

Why yishiwashing hotel washers?

Working with mops isn’t easy. At yishiwashing we know this, so we have developed a special cleaning system in our machines, so from now on, dust, dirt and sand will not be a problem in a professional hotel laundry!

At yishiwashing washing machines for large hotels are designed with your specific needs in mind to help you achieve total control of the hygiene processes in your laundry. They offer optimal care of all types of mops, adapting the spin speed to obtain the desired residual moisture %, with a view to obtaining the best possible performance from them, and also, they have the drum holes adapted for this purpose.

Models of washing machines for large hotels

At yishiwashing we design all types of laundry machinery with the most advanced technology to offer top quality, innovative, durable and efficient products to our customers. For businesses in the hotel sector, we have industrial washing machines equipped and designed to guarantee energy efficiency and ease of use.

Microprocessor TOUCH II

Microprocesador Touch II

Washing machines for large hotels that have high volumes of work in their laundry will notice great advantages in the TOUCH II microprocessor, as it offers a high degree of flexibility, manageability, energy efficiency and allows a complete analysis of the traceability of the washing processes.

The TOUCH II microprocessor is prepared with 29 preset programmes and also for Wet Cleaning, it has a touch screen, which can be 7″ or 4.3″ inches depending on the model chosen, configurable in 37 different languages, and even offers the possibility of showing video tutorials for the operators.

In addition, if you add an ECOTANK water recovery tank to the washing machine, we guarantee that you will increase your hotel’s annual water savings by more than 70%.

What are the benefits of having them in the hotel?

Still not sure? Both yishiwashing professional and industrial washing machines, as well as tumble dryers and finishing equipment, offer you a long list of benefits specially designed to optimise work and times in a hotel’s professional laundry. Take note!

  • Ability to handle large volumes of laundry.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in terms of water, energy and chemical consumption.
  • Superior wash quality ensuring deep and effective cleaning of linen, as they can handle different types of fabrics and offer customisation options to suit the specific washing needs of each garment.
  • Greater durability and strength designed to withstand intensive and continuous use.
  • Greater control: Some industrial washing machines are equipped with monitoring and control systems that allow tracking of wash cycles, water and energy consumption, and machine status.

If we are talking about a hotel laundry, industrial washing recommends that you take a look at the laundry catalogue for work clothes and professional ironing equipment, such as ironers, flatwork ironers and finishing machines, ironing tables and cabins, mannequins, stain removers or pneumatic presses. We believe that it is the details that make the difference, and with this type of equipment you will achieve that all the pieces of clothing, both the ironing and the finishing, are ironed in the best possible way.

If you would like to receive more information about our industrial washing machines for large hotels, please contact our team.

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