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Dryer Precautions

Automatic laptops now installed on site and safety precautions

For many friends of friends, the washing machine, automatic, after purchasing the site, after installation, the headache is very bad, how to install, to play the best elbow effect? As a manufacturer, force a clean washing machine to give you the following two sentences.

1, the basic position for determining the equipment should be installed, the back and side walls or obstacles from a distance of 800mm or so, the back of the foot to the general drainage to ensure wastewater discharge.

2, if the use of more than two of the same type of equipment is located nearby, the relative distance between the equipment should be more than 600mm, if there is enough space in the laundry room, the interval of more than 800mm is better for machine maintenance and repair.

Before installation and installation, the strength of the washing machine is also recommended for long-distance transportation of elbow equipment for basic inspection, to avoid unnecessary damage affecting the use of the following. Enforced commitment to clean washing machine to do pre-shipment inspection and equipment protective work to ensure the safe delivery of equipment, welcomed cooperation. Industrial laundry equipment is the use of AC asynchronous motor, in household appliances, its structure is more complex, you can also wash clothes can be dried. Drying is relatively simple, if you wash the clothes on the dehydration basket, so that it rotates quickly, thanks to the centrifugal action to throw out the water like rain, when it rains an umbrella, the rain will be thrown out the same way.

When the dehydration basket lid is opened, the safety switch switches off the circuit and the dehydration basket stops rotating; this timer is closed and the washing device is ready to start. Once the lid is closed, the safety switch is closed, the power is turned on, and the dryer begins to operate.

Laundry into storage pipe driven by motor rotation, there is a modified industrial washing equipment, the storage tank does not rotate, the motor drive is installed at the bottom of the rotating storage pipe, away from the leaves, so that water and clothes together to roll. The control panel has a timer switch, industrial washing equipment operating time control, strong, medium and weak wash switch, and forward rotation.

When the switch is turned to the low flush position, the field coil is connected in series with the reactor, which acts as ballast. AC impedance so that the current becomes less, plus the voltage on the motor to reduce the slow speed. Switch to strong washing, the reactor does not work, the recovery current becomes larger, the speed is higher. In addition, some industrial washing machines such as washing machines also have a buzzer installed, when the motor stops, it can alert the owner.

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