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Clothes dryer Reducing water content

From industrial dryers, more and more attention is paid to the use of content aspects, but our industrial dryers are good again, as long as our users are not satisfied, then it is necessary to improve, how to make user satisfaction is our effort, we are not only in the process of developing in the future to make Our industrial dryers are of the highest quality, but more importantly, we must make our equipment according to our user experience levels, such equipment is the best, sincerely hope that the general public of users will give more valuable opinions, we will do our best to meet customers' requirements in the field of technology.

How does an industrial dryer use electricity?

One is that industrial dryers are a consumable device, especially for electric heating, which can be used for dozens of hours per hour. And as one of the store's main means of towel sterilization, we cannot use it. Because saving energy is what users are most concerned about.

Secondly, it seems that small cosmetics, without replacing industrial dryers, based on its structure, the functions we can perform, and effective energy saving methods, often based on optimization operation, of which the following few you can also try.

1, try to reduce the disinfected water content of the dry towel, because the moisture content is reduced, then the drying time in the dryer is shortened, the operating time is shortened, which is energy saving. Therefore, the main consideration is how to reduce the water content of the towel by optimizing the washing process.

2, uniform drying, uniform drying means will be disinfected drying towels uniform gather together drying, the main purpose is to reduce the frequency of machine dryer switches, shorten heating time and time, thereby saving electricity.

3. Reasonable loading, some users deliberately put more towels into it to improve the working load of single cylinder industrial dehumidifier. Therefore, not only improve the efficiency of achieving the expected effect, but also because overload and bring a towel to dry is not thorough, the drying time is long, such a problem as mechanical working pressure, so to ensure the drying effect, we must provide adequate load.

4. Timely and correct cleaning and maintenance. In industrial dryers, the smoothness of the fan directly determines the heat transfer effect, and the specific effect of the heat transfer effect also affects the drying speed. In the case of a fan, timely and effective maintenance and cleaning is the main goal to ensure the proper operation of the fan.

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