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Flatwork Ironer Ironing effect

Laundry ironing machine, how to iron better

Ironing program - neck, pillowcase

1. prepare

Wash, bake a good mouth cloth, pillowcases according to the stack positions, pillowcase to smooth the hole, and the hole to be consistent, and adjust the speed of the machine, mouth cloth 10m/min, pillowcase 12m/min.

2. ironing:

Pillowcase or fabric neck at four corners flattened, put directly into the conveyor belt, hands should be quickly finishing so that both sides are wiped, pay attention to observe the ironing of linen, whether the phenomenon of wrinkles, to timely wax the fabric Found fuzzy, broken and should be removed immediately, fold a corner to show re-washing, fold two corners for stated loss.

3. Interface fabric, pillowcases

Check the release quality of the fabric or pillowcase, requiring ironing, heat drying, no wrinkles, fabric mouth size is moderate in size, wash, report the loss of the placed person, fold when the fabric is 100 stacks, pillowcases 4, a stack of stacks, and 25 stacks of 100 shelves and , finally, the number of exact entries.

Ironing procedures - sheets, tablecloths

1. shaking the sheets.

The bed will be placed according to the provisions of the grave in the large fabric grass machine, folding requirements, quadrangular flat, and ask to pay attention to check the quality of the wash dyed after cutting from the large wet wet processing when the sheets pay attention to safety.

2. ironing:

Adjust the speed of the machine, sheets or tablecloth flat, straight and slide onto the conveyor belt while your hand gently slacks the sheets or tablecloth. Piping and smooth delivery, watch the ironing sheets or tablecloth at any time. wrinkles if necessary to combat wax tissue, smear to be removed quickly, fold corner for re-washing, fold double corner for stated loss.

3. take sheets and tablecloths

Put the sheets, the tablecloths are automatically discounted by the machine, asked to check the folding quality, flat without wrinkles, there will be stains, reported loss of face placed in the folding process, pay attention to check the sheets, the tablecloth is dry, if necessary, adjust the speed, the size of the tablecloth should be moderate, according to specifications, classification types posted, last entry. A few days later to a single warehouse, the number of precise requirements, the transfer is clear.

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