Equipment for washing table linen_

Food industry enterprises, restaurants and other establishments need constant cleanliness, washing of staff uniforms, linen and other products. To do this, you can contact commercial organizations, but your own laundry at catering establishments has much more advantages. Thanks to the ability to control the quality of washing, the “life” of the laundry increases. There is also no dependence on changes in the price of such services, and the cost of washing in your own laundry is lower. The possibility of delayed delivery of items is also excluded.

Organizing a laundry service in a restaurant and catering establishments has its own characteristics and advantages. The choice of technical equipment should be approached wisely so that it can cope with its tasks as efficiently as possible.

Equipment selection criteria

Laundry at catering establishments has its own specifics, which are taken into account when selecting its equipment. Primary attention is paid to the following characteristics and factors:

  • volume of laundry;
  • degree of contamination of products – weak, medium, strong;
  • material of things – linen, cotton, mixed, etc.;
  • heating type – steam, electric, combined.

The organization of a laundry in a restaurant and other catering establishments needs to meet the high requirements for the quality of washing. It depends primarily on the equipment used, its technical capabilities, reliability, performance and energy efficiency.

Categories of laundries and their equipment

Catering enterprises, depending on the type and quantity of linen processed, can be divided into three main categories.

The first category is small enterprises. They deal with laundry of varying degrees of soiling in the amount of 30-50 kg per shift. Washing and spinning machines with a load of 8 or 10-13 kg, drying machines with a drum capacity of 8-10 kg of laundry are suitable for them. It is worth choosing an ironing roller for processing straight linen with a capacity of 15-25 kg per hour and a shaft width of 1000-1600 mm. You can also use a vacuum ironing table designed to process 250 pieces of fashionable linen per shift.

Laundry at catering establishments of the second category has average volumes and the same requirements for processing linen - 50-200 kg per shift. For this purpose, it is equipped with washing machines with spinning and drying for 10-25 kg, an ironing roller (1000-2000 mm shaft width), capable of processing 20-30 kg per shift. An ironing vacuum table, a press (designed for 250 pieces of fashionable linen), and a steam mannequin will not be superfluous.

The third category is large enterprises that need to process from 200 to 1000 kg of heavily soiled laundry per shift. For them, it is advisable to use washing-extracting equipment and drying drums with a load of 22-90 kg, an ironing roller with characteristics of 1000-2600 mm, 20-60 kg per hour. An ironing press will be required for fashionable linen. The equipment is installed in the basement or a separate building.

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