How to choose equipment for arranging a laundry room_

How to choose equipment for arranging a laundry room

 Before you start choosing equipment for your future laundry or dry cleaning, it is important to remember one important rule:

Any technique is designed to save human and time resources

The key parameters of any equipment should be operational reliability, high efficiency and quality of the results obtained. At the present stage of technology development, a huge selection of equipment for laundries and dry cleaners  allows you to select a set of equipment that satisfies any requirements and financial capabilities.

Basic parameters when choosing laundry equipment

There are several parameters that deserve primary attention in the process of choosing technology:

  1. Price. Do not forget the proverb known to everyone since childhood: “the miser pays twice.” Therefore, think several times before buying the cheapest option;

  2. Performance. This parameter is easily calculated based on the amount of laundry that has gone through a full cycle, from drying to ironing, in one working cycle;

  3. Equipment dimensions. Dimensions are extremely important for laundries with limited space;

  4. Ergonomics. For the selected equipment, it is important to calculate the amount of water and electricity consumed per one operating cycle. Note that in this case, imported equipment is an order of magnitude higher than domestic;

  5. Delivery. You can either personally pick up the cargo at the warehouse, or wait for it to be delivered from another region of the Russian Federation, and in some cases from another country. In the last two cases, it may delay the launch of your business;

  6. Service. It is very important that the equipment supplier not only delivers the goods and leaves them at your doorstep, but also offers comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service;

  7. Additional service. Some companies offer installation, commissioning, employee training, etc. services. This is an additional advantage.

In addition, before choosing equipment, it is necessary to calculate the load on the equipment as accurately as possible in order to make the most optimal choice. Choose only equipment that was originally designed for maximum performance.

How to choose equipment for arranging a laundry room

Additional selection criteria

The choice of professional drying machines, ironing equipment, washing machines and other equipment may be influenced by a number of additional criteria, which include:

  • Type of laundry to be washed;

  • Load for a certain period of time;

  • Number of work shifts and total working time;

  • Heat source: electricity or steam.

If you want a more thorough selection process, you can tell the supplier the size of your room, the presence of certain heat sources, technical capabilities, capabilities of energy devices, etc.

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