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Catering and trade enterprises widely use equipment for cooling and long-term storage of food. Therefore, for such organizations the relevant question is how to choose refrigeration equipment that will have all the necessary characteristics. Equipping a catering outlet is not complete without freezers, refrigerators, display cases and other devices.

Features of professional refrigeration equipment-YISHI

With the help of chest freezers, ice makers, wine and bar cabinets, refrigerated tables and chambers, the preservation of meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables is ensured for a longer time. Thanks to the use of such technology, it is possible to keep a considerable supply of pre-prepared products. They also allow customers to offer food and drinks that need to be served chilled.

The range of modern industrial freezing and cooling devices is very wide. To understand how to choose refrigeration equipment, you should consider their varieties. Each of them performs specific functions and maintains the required amplitude of low temperatures.

Types of refrigeration equipment

To understand how to choose refrigeration equipment, you should first consider its purpose. In this regard, different types of devices are distinguished. Without some of them, equipping a catering outlet that regularly deals with food cannot be considered complete. Main types of cooling and freezing devices:

  • Cameras . Necessary for long-term storage of large volumes of food in a warehouse or restaurant kitchen. Convenient shelves are placed inside them, allowing you to rationally place different types of products.
  • Cabinets . They have a vertical design, equipped with sliding, hinged or compartment doors. There are models with glass doors that are used to display products.
  • Tables . They are used on food preparation and subsequent distribution lines. They are divided into subtypes: tables for pizza, saladettes and others.
  • Blast freezing cabinets . Effectively and quickly cool (in 90 minutes) or freeze (240 minutes) berries, meat, fish, vegetables and ready-made dishes, preserving their benefits and flavor properties.
  • Bonets . They are most in demand in supermarkets, where they are displayed in sales areas.
  • Chest freezers . They successfully combine the properties of cabinets and display cases. Suitable for points where self-service is possible.

Separately, it is worth highlighting bar refrigeration equipment, designed simultaneously for displaying and cooling exclusively drinks.

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