How to open a dry cleaner_

The formation of the consumer services market in the Russian space continues quite actively. Against this background, opening a dry cleaner is a profitable enterprise, considering that today there is one collection point for almost 100,000 people. Compared to Europe, this is 20 times less. Current practice shows the average profitability of this business at 30%.

What you need to know when opening a dry cleaner

First of all, it is necessary to determine the legal status of the future production. If you are planning a small dry cleaning, then individual entrepreneurship - individual entrepreneur - will be enough. Its registration is not difficult and does not require much time. If an industrial-type dry cleaner designed for large volumes, an investor or partner is attracted to the business, then a limited liability company (LLC) will have to be registered. This is already a legal entity with its own rules of taxation, reporting and other requirements.

Franchise or own brand

Before opening a dry cleaner from scratch, an entrepreneur assesses the financial risk. Having your own brand increases the possibility of financial losses. You need to have knowledge and experience in various fields - legal, economic, financial, and master all the intricacies of technology. Without special education, not everyone can do this.

A dry cleaning franchise reduces the risk of bankruptcy significantly. A franchise agreement ensures the purchase of a ready-made business, where all the nuances of production have already been taken into account and a guarantee of advice and assistance is given for the entire duration of the enterprise. The most important condition for this is compliance with the room parameters for the correct organization of cleaning technology. Organization of training sessions, the ability to competently modernize equipment and technological processes according to the recommendations of the parent company are additional advantages of the franchise.

Business registration and legal subtleties

If you open your own dry cleaner as an individual entrepreneur, registration comes down to filing an application and receiving a notification from the tax office about the taxation procedure. Choose from two options – a single tax on imputed income (depending on the region) or a simplified taxation system.

When organizing an LLC, you will need a Charter and the contribution of 10,000 rubles as authorized capital. The number of documents during registration increases significantly and, accordingly, the deadlines too. The taxation system is selected from two options – general and simplified.

Before opening a dry cleaner, you must submit an application to Rospotrebnadzor. The supervisory representative is obliged to visit the production premises no later than two weeks, draw up a report and issue a sanitary and epidemiological report on its suitability for the declared type of activity. Then the future owner draws up a sanitary control program and coordinates it with the same Rospotrebnadzor.

After all these procedures, the supervisory authority issues the final document allowing the start of work - a placement permit.

Choose the right room

Even for a small dry cleaning service, the area of the premises should not be less than 60 sq.m. In addition to installing equipment, passages and escape routes are also required. There are also sanitary standards and fire safety standards that take into account ventilation, lighting, number of windows, organization of entrance and exit and many other parameters. In light of these rules, space is allocated in the premises for a warehouse and a separate room for receiving and issuing orders.

Difficulties with the choice arise in residential buildings, since the minimum distance from production to a residential property is limited to 80 meters. The law allows dry cleaning to be located only on the first and ground floors of residential buildings or in separate buildings. Along with the presence of all communications, such as water supply, electricity supply and sewerage, the ceiling height must be at least 3 m. Therefore, choosing a room is a rather difficult task for a novice businessman. You need to be prepared for additional costs to ensure these conditions.

When planning dry cleaning, be sure to pay attention to the amount of available power consumption in the room you have chosen. We recommend choosing a room with a value of 50 kW or more, depending on the intended functionality of the laundry.

The target audience

The categories of people in need of dry cleaning services are very diverse:

  • These are clients who afford to buy expensive things and trust only professional cleaning;
  • Clients with an average income level. Usually they collect a large order with complex stains, but wealthy clients apply much less often;
  • Various hotels and salons specializing in services;
  • Trade organizations selling textiles, suede, fur;

Everything else is designed to suit the parameters of the main equipment - a dry cleaning machine, including all engineering systems and room dimensions. The entire production, including the receiving point, can be designed in one room. Or it is possible to locate the reception point in a more central and crowded area, and move the production itself outside the city limits altogether. On the one hand, this is beneficial for attracting customers, but it can create additional costs for connecting to communication networks.

Promotion (marketing)

Successful marketing always requires good advertising. A bright sign above the entrance will announce to all residents of the nearby residential area that they now have a modern dry cleaner. Visible signs should be posted at entrances explaining the route to the collection point. Advertising on TV works well, although it is expensive, distributing booklets, posting on social networks, sending commercial offers to companies for which cleaning is simply necessary (hotels, cafes, offices). The seasonal period for dry cleaners is autumn, so the opening is best timed to coincide with this period of the year.

Experience shows that the average resident needs cleaning services approximately once every two years. This means that a visit to a reception point is equal to the number of families in the populated area divided by two. Knowing the average price of one service, you can roughly imagine the amount of revenue for the year and, based on this, plan expenses.


For a preliminary analysis of costs before opening an enterprise, a dry cleaning business plan is drawn up. You need to clearly understand what is needed to open a dry cleaner, what it will cost and whether it will be profitable. Studying the market, production technologies, assessing competitors, drawing up organizational and financial plans, marketing plans, risk analysis - the future entrepreneur should have a good understanding of all this. The plan for the future business basically consists of these points.

In the “expenses” item, you need to indicate in advance what amount will be used to pay taxes. Or it will be 6% of revenue, or maybe 15% of the amount representing the difference between income and expenses. There is also a general taxation system that requires a professional approach. In the case of individual entrepreneurs, perhaps the best option would be a single tax on imputed income (UTI), the amount of which depends on the established rules in the region.

The number of employees depends on the volume of services. If the enterprise is large, then two technologists and an accountant are simply necessary. The number of workers also depends on the volume of processing. There may be 2, 3 or more. An ironer is required. In total, together with the manager, a team of five or six or more employees can be formed. The wage fund (WF) is taken into account in expenses. Payroll taxes are added to this.

Payment for electricity, water, sewerage, waste collection and disposal is a significant expense item. The purchase of chemical consumables and transportation costs account for their share of current costs. When wondering how much it costs to open a dry cleaner, you need to understand that you also need to add the cost of renting the premises, the costs of advertising, registration, and obtaining the necessary permits.

The YISHI company can provide you with all the necessary equipment to open a dry cleaner at reasonable prices with delivery to your place. The best professionals will perform high-quality, timely service and carry out repairs within the warranty period.

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