Industrial washing machine Automation analysis_

Industrial Washing Machine Automation Analysis

There is an analysis on the automation of industrial washing machines

Rising labor costs and energy costs have raised the possibility that more and more users will be willing to purchase single-machine features to integrate more automated industrial washing machines. Well, today the company will talk about the automation of this industrial washing machine.

In the field of industrial washing machines, the degree of automation represents the degree of integration of the individual functions of the machine and the degree of automation of the laundry washing operation. In the middle, the smaller the number of workers involved and the larger the fabric washing process, the more automatic the industrial washing machine will be and the lower the cost.

For such analysis, the market currently in the use of industrial washing machine according to the degree of automation of high and low, in turn, is such a classification, bear the brunt of the dragon laundry, followed by the washing and drying machine. Also the latest fully automatic offline washing machine is a horizontal industrial washing machine. In terms of washing, the dragon is washing 8 to 16 warehouse folds at the same time, it can be completed in one hour by automatic grass cloth about 1200-2000 kg pre-wash, main wash, rinsing, neutralizing, crimping adopted water circulation and filtration dehydration 70% saving water and energy savings were above 60%, labor savings of about 80%, and can be used, and through the dryer, the finished grass washing cloth to wash, to remove the latest industrial washing machine, baking multiple operations. 

Regarding the dryer washing machine and automatic washing it is more for the traditional vertical structure, the laundry in the same drum is automatically controlled by a computer program to complete the laundry washing, bleaching or drying of industrial washing machines, for this model model, has reached a certain degree of automation, and the price cheap, as well as one hour washing capacity: about 150kg, so that most can meet the demand of various washing clothes of small users. 

For the horizontal industrial washing machine, the performance is the most traditional and most stable industrial washing machine, but because of one machine, only the grass cloth washing task can be completed, so at present, most of it has been left as laundry, but it is still for every sewing machine and textile factory for mass washing processing when the weapon of choice.

All this, will not only affect the degree of automation of the industrial washing machine, the discretion to select and hire people, the discretion of water and electricity costs, but will also affect our wastewater treatment recycling and recycling degree of complexity. But with the increasing degree of automation, the prices of the corresponding products are rising, so how to choose between them depending on your financial strength and average daily laundry needs.

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