Ironing equipment - what to choose: calender or roller_

Ironing equipment - what to choose: calender or roller

The process of ironing clothes is the final operation after washing and is performed using special machines. For straight linen laundry equipment, calenders and rollers are used, which have both similar operational properties and different ones, including structural ones. When choosing such equipment, it is necessary to take into account the features of a particular unit, which will subsequently ensure the necessary productivity and quality.

After washing and spinning, the ironing roller processes the fabric with a moisture content of no more than 25%. Such humidity can be achieved by installing additional equipment in the laundry - a dryer. The calender irons the laundry immediately after it comes out of the washing machine with a humidity of up to 50%. The ability to dry and iron things at the same time distinguishes it from a roller.

In addition to this main difference between ironing units, there are others. Before making your final choice, you need to familiarize yourself with them.

How does an ironing calender differ from an ironing roller?

An ironing device is always included in the equipment of a professional laundry. This raises the question of choosing an ironing machine - a roller or a calender. Here it can help to study the main differences between devices designed to perform the same task:

  • Dimensions and weight
    Due to the heavy shaft, the laundry ironing calender is almost 5 times larger than the roller, and weighs 10 times more. The unit is equipped with one shaft or several - from 2 to 4, and even up to 6, but in an individual version;
  • Various heating methods
    The calender has an electric and steam option, the ironing roller can only be electric;
  • Processing speed
    The speed parameter has the same value (m/min) for both equipment. The productivity of the calender is much higher and amounts to up to 100 kg of ironed and dried linen per hour. The roller can process only 10 kg per hour, subject to pre-drying;
  • Cost
    The price of equipment is important when equipping a laundry room. It depends on the manufacturer, brand, size, functionality of the machine and other parameters. Buying a used ironing machine does not always pay off in terms of savings. The lack of an official warranty and warranty service can result in even greater costs than purchasing new equipment.

Areas of application

The roller and calender are used for ironing straight linen - pillowcases, curtains, sheets, towels, duvet covers and others. In hotels, hospitals, holiday homes, sanatoriums, hotels, ironing calenders for laundry are most in demand. This requires high performance and processing speed. Moreover, the working width of up to 3 meters allows ironing without folding, in one layer. A small laundry room that doesn't have a constant stream of laundry can get away with an inexpensive roller with regular pre-drying.

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