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Flatwork Ironer Ironing speed

First, keep your ironer clean and clean: let the ironer's hot bath clean off the silvery metallic sheen. Any other color can be dirty pure grass to bring hidden troubles.

Secondly, waxing: most ironing machine operators often do not wax too much, this amount is not enough. Experts say wax often, but enough is enough. Under normal conditions, apply wax once every 2-3 hours. If the wax is cool and soft, apply the wax powder; if the wax is hard, do not add wax.

Third, neutral pH: keep the pH between 6-7. 

A low pH will cause the grass to rub one roll and make a "screaming" sound.

Fourth, Flatwork Ironer monitor the ironing speed and feeding speed: the ironing speed and feeding speed at the end of the grass type are closely related. For example, small pieces of fabric such as mouth tissue may run at 30 feet per minute (about 9 m/min), but this cannot be said to be the same speed.

Fifth, the moisture content of the rag grass and the temperature of the hot tub: the temperature of the hot tub of the ironing machine is lower, which means that in order to be flattened in water, the grass also needs to be smaller. If the hot bed temperature is only 270ºF (132ºC) or even lower, the linens can easily stick. The higher the temperature of the hot tank, the wetter the grass can be brushed.

Sixth, Flatwork Ironer roller size: regularly measure the circumference of the roller. When the roller circumference is below the OEM minimum, it means that the production capacity of the ironing machine is basically reduced by 50%.

Third, control the linear speed of the ironing machine: For the entire ironing machine, it is necessary to increase the linear speed of the ironing machine (when the fabric passes through the ironing machine, the speed of the next roll is always higher than the previous roll). Most older ironers have all rollers running at the same speed, so increasing the speed of the driven rollers is often achieved by increasing the thickness of the hot felt. Linear speed is critical when ironing polyester laundry. If the grass appears worn, you should check the thickness of the hot carpet or the roll rate.

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