Ironing machine according to steam supply conditions_

Flatwork Ironer according to steam conditions

Typically, commissioning of ironing equipment is carried out simultaneously with the test cycle. To do this, you need to prepare a certain amount of fabric with raw water and dry it until dry.

1. Check the level of adjustment of the equipment and the condition of the ground and feet.

2. Remove all kinds of protective fasteners during the process of transporting the equipment and check the quality of assembly of the parts (inconveniences and equipment for transporting the entire container).

3. Connect a compressed air source, check the operating condition of the three pneumatic components, and add suitable lubricating oil to the lubricator if necessary.

4. Turn on the power, check the motor steering, turn off the power if necessary, adjust the phase rotation of the three-phase power supply, perform a complete alkali test, and reconnect the power to the equipment.

5. Check the working condition of the emergency stop button of the safety guard and ironing machine equipment.

6. Adjust the drum rotation speed and check the status changes of the speed control device and roller speed.

7. Configure the ironing guide belt as required.

8. Open the steam valve and steam separator equipment, check the temperature rise of the ironing part of the equipment, the sealing condition of the pipe interface and the working condition of the water separator.

9. Adjust the roller speed according to the steam supply conditions, simulate the actual working state of the ironing machine, put the prepared fabric and press the machine to start the trial run.

1. The cylinder is heated and compressed

The heating system of drum heating system can be divided into three types: steam, electric and gas according to different heating methods:

1. Steam heating usually consists of a roller, steam inlet pipe, rotating seal joint, condensate drain pipe and steam trap. Steam with a certain pressure and temperature glow enters the cylinder through the hollow steam pipe shaft, rotating seal and stainless steel hollow cylinder. Drum heating; There is a safety valve near the steam inlet pipe when the steam pressure exceeds the rated pressure of the drum. The safety valve opens automatically and releases steam quickly to ensure roller safety. When the cylinder is heated to a temperature above 140℃, the drum may have an ironing roller eye surface. During the ironing process, the moisture in the clothes evaporates into water vapor, which is installed in a suction hood above the drum to exhaust the fan, and the fan draws the water vapor out. The drum is cooled by the moisture absorption of the fabric. Some of the steam condenses into water, and the rollers are discharged through condensate and a steam trap.

2. Electric heating type usually consists of roller, electric heater and fixed frame, and some of them adopt indirect electric heating structure. The electric heater is fixed in the middle of the cylinder by a fixed frame, and the heat of the electric heater directly heats the roller. In electric heaters, several heating pipes are on average divided into groups, which can be adjusted according to heating power.

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