Ironing roller according to structure_

roning machine according to structure

According to the structure, flat ironing machine is an important washing equipment for hotels, hotels, hospitals, schools, washing factories, washing machines, washing machines and other washing machines, according to the structure is divided into single-roll flat ironing machines, ironing machines, three-roll ironing machines car; Industrial flat ironing machine according to the heating method is divided into steam heating and electric heating two, through the inverter speed to do this, the flat ironing drum of the machine to a certain temperature, when the wet clothes are rolled between the two rollers, you can remove a lot of water, and for To achieve the ironing effect, steam heating of the flat ironing machine should pay attention to the following issues.

Steam heating ironing machine Note:

1, before ironing the fabric, clean the drum surface of the first flat ironing machine, and then the soft cloth on the drum surface and wash the machine to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment.

2, the operating process of the ironing machine, should always pay attention to observe whether there is a phenomenon of steam leakage of the rotary joint, there is a replacement of the graphite ring and O-ring. Tai Feng washing machine to remind most users Please note that usually when replacing the graphite ring, the steam will have a slight leakage, but in the ironing machine for a while, the graphite ring when grinding, the steam leakage will automatically disappear. If the phenomenon of steam leakage does not disappear , the swivel joint must be replaced.

3, steam flat ironing machine, when the steam reaches the set pressure, open the bypass valve of the bypass pipe, the condensate is drained into the drain until the steam comes out, and then close the valve.

4, The steam heated flat ironing machine must first open the trap next to the steam valve, then open the steam into the steam valve to make it empty after the water stops flowing; then open the inverter controller, slowly turn its handle to 2-3m/min working at low speed of the flat ironing machine, as long as the inlet valve is fully open, heating the drum, watch the flat iron machine on the left side of the box on the pressure value to be more 0.3MPa steam pressure Can start ironing work.

5, employees go out of work, be sure to turn off the power supply of the ironing machine, so that both can guarantee the safety of the ironing machine, but also completely iron the ironing machine, since the power has not been shut down, the laundry equipment is in standby mode, this will shorten the service life of the washing equipment, leaving at the same time a security risk. Ironing procedures - mouth, pillowcase 1. Preparation:

Wash, bake a good mouth cloth, pillowcases according to the stack positions, pillowcase to smooth the hole, and the hole to be consistent, and adjust the speed of the machine, mouth cloth 10m/min, pillowcase 12m/min.

2. ironing:

The pillow or mouth of the cloth with four corners is flattened, rubbed into the conveyor belt, his hands to quickly finish, on both sides of the wipe, pay attention to observe the ironing of the laundry, whether the phenomenon of wrinkles to play in the wax cloth, discovered Grease, break, and should be removed immediately, fold a corner to show re-washing, fold two corners for stated loss.

3. Interface fabric, pillowcase

Check the release quality of the fabric or pillowcase, requiring ironing, heat drying, no wrinkles, fabric mouth size is moderate in size, wash, report the loss of the placed person, fold when the fabric is 100 stacks, pillowcases 4, a stack of stacks, and 25 stacks of 100 shelves and , finally, the number of exact entries.

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