Laundry equipment for hotels and inns

In resort regions and recreation areas, hotel owners are intensely competing for the right to accommodate guests. This applies even to small cities and towns. One of the methods of increasing the competitiveness of a hotel is to have its own laundry facility, equipped with modern washing, drying and ironing equipment. This allows us to raise the service to a qualitatively higher level, as well as make the hotel’s activities more profitable.

To open your own laundry, you need to carry out a set of preparatory measures. These include the selection and purchase of equipment, its installation, connection and configuration. Doing this on your own is difficult, sometimes unrealistic, since it requires the appropriate experience, skills and knowledge.

Therefore, such processes are usually entrusted to professionals. They will select equipment for the laundry, taking into account the intensity of its upcoming load and other features, deliver it to the site, install it, connect it and give an official guarantee.

Benefits of own laundry

The presence in the hotel of a specialized room with modern equipment removes dependence on third-party organizations, eliminates the need to pay for transportation, washing, drying, ironing of linen, and also reduces the time for performing related work. Other benefits are:

  • Guaranteed quality. Its control is carried out at all stages, and the result will make an indelible impression on hotel guests.
  • Reducing the wear rate of linen. This is achieved due to the fact that for certain types you can use the delicate wash function. Not all third-party laundries pay due attention to this aspect.
  • Possibility to optimize the use of linen. Having your own laundry will allow you to know exactly when it will be washed and ready for use. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce the number of sets stored in reserve.

Another important advantage is that the hotel will be able to offer guests a laundry service for their personal belongings. Firstly, this will increase the prestige of the hotel in the eyes of guests, and secondly, it will allow you to have additional income by providing laundry services.

Equipping hotels with laundry equipment

At the initial stage, a design solution is drawn up. It contains information about the quantity, characteristics, locations of equipment, as well as the technical parameters of the laundry room.

Next, specialists select washing, drying, ironing presses, steam dummies, and irons. In this case, you need to buy only professional equipment; household models are not suitable. Additional devices and accessories are also purchased: carts, sorting tables, racks. The final stage is the official commissioning with the preparation of all necessary documents.

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