Laundry dryer: features of choice_

For the full functioning of laundries and the ability to carry out all stages of laundry processing, a certain set of equipment is used. It necessarily includes a laundry dryer , which has a significant difference from equipment for domestic use. In order for it to cope well with the load and provide an effective result, it should be selected taking into account numerous criteria.

Laundry dryer: features

Professional laundry equipment has a design similar to that of household appliances. Otherwise, they have significant differences. This drying machine is characterized by the following features:

  • Increased loading volume, high productivity and power. This allows you to quickly dry a large amount of laundry at once.
  • Large resource of elements, parts and assemblies used in the assembly of devices. They can be used continuously for 8-10 hours, as that is what they are designed for.
  • Cooling used to prevent the formation of wrinkles and simplify subsequent ironing.
  • More functions and programs.

There are several types of laundry dryer. Based on the volume of laundry loaded, equipment is divided into small (8-12 kg), medium (13-50 kg), large (from 350 kg). The latter are more often in demand by outsourcing services and large hotel complexes.

Depending on the drying method used, there are ventilation and condensation models. In the first, air is passed through the laundry, which is then removed through the ventilation system. Secondly, the operating principle is different. Humid air enters the heat exchanger. There it is cooled, due to which condensation is eliminated from it, after which it is sent to the sewer or a special compartment. The already dry air is heated by a heat pump and then rushes into the drum. Such cars are more expensive.

What to consider when choosing

When selecting professional laundry equipment, take into account the approximate volume of laundry that is expected to be processed by the laundry. The devices may have different modes in the control system that determine the processing temperature, drying duration, and others. In addition to basic functions, machines can also include additional ones: delicate drying, steam treatment, protection against wrinkles and creasing, control of residual moisture, setting cycle time, the ability to create your own programs and others.

It should be noted that the wider the functionality of the equipment, the more expensive it will cost.

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