Laundry equipment for medical institutions_

Laundry equipment for medical institutions

Laundry equipment  for hospitals . For every medical institution, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is one of the most important tasks. In medical institutions, the cleanliness of premises, equipment, bedding and household items for patients must meet all sanitary standards. The procedure for disinfecting linen and work clothes poses particular difficulties, since this process is technically quite complex and quite expensive. It would seem that the problem can be easily solved if the management of a medical institution enters into an agreement with a commercial laundry.

Today, however, it is difficult to find a suitable company that will begin providing laundry services for a hospital. The fact is that for washing and disinfecting linen, strict sanitary requirements are used, which, most often, are currently of little concern to representatives of commercial laundries. This is a very important aspect so the laundry must be handled properly. Particular difficulties arise in hospitals specializing in droplets and intestinal infections, as well as clinics that treat tuberculosis patients.

Taking into account all of the above, we can draw the following conclusion: organizing a laundry room in a hospital is the most optimal solution for washing and disinfecting linen. 

In accordance with the recommendations of experienced professionals and medical standards will lead to a washing process that will fully comply with sanitary standards. The presence of personal linen in the hospital allows for maximum control over the process of disinfection of linen and minimization of the cost of logistics services. For such purposes, barrier washing machines of the GL Series are ideal.

The management of the medical institution can at any time check the correctness of the laundry technology and compliance of the procedures with sanitary standards. In addition, the hospital's in-house laundry facility allows for streamlined laundry volumes based on the individual needs of each facility. An excellent solution to equip a laundry room or any other medical facility with durable professional washing machines. Commercial laundries often do not have the necessary technological capabilities that will meet all sanitary standards.

The organization of a hospital laundry implies not only the presence of conventional engineering systems (electricity, hot and cold water supply, sewerage, ventilation), but also a certain structuring of the space. For a multidisciplinary hospital, the following room systems are recommended: separate departments for receiving and sorting uninfected and infected linen; 

  • linen department; 
  • drying/ironing room; 
  • packaging and storage department; 
  • delivery point; 
  • utility room for storing washing and disinfectants.
  • room with shower and toilet.

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