The durability, reliability and stability of laundry equipment directly depends on the quality of its maintenance. Equipment of this type, like any other, requires regular diagnostics and proper elimination of all existing faults. Only in this case can we expect that it will be operational for a long time.

Ironing rollers are indispensable for any laundry. As a rule, they have a built-in ventilation system, which ensures the effective removal of hot air saturated with water vapor from the machine. In addition, it prevents the ironing belts from overheating. Quite often, ventilation systems fail, so they require regular maintenance.

However, they are also present in drying drums. If the ventilation system does not operate properly, the heat exchange process is disrupted, which may result in the heating elements burning out.

It becomes obvious why laundry equipment requires regular inspection, diagnostics and maintenance. Filters in rollers and dryers must be cleaned frequently. In addition, you need to monitor the condition of the contacts and belts present in the laundry equipment. These elements have a limited service life and therefore need timely replacement.

Only professionals can successfully cope with the tasks of diagnostics, repair and replacement of components. This should be kept in mind when you decide who to entrust equipment maintenance to.

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