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Clothes dryer Do not overload the load

With the development of the national economy, tertiary industry has gradually become the pillar industry of the country, but in current China, industrial construction still occupies a particularly important place. In recent years, the development of industrial washing equipment is also obvious to everyone. 

Here for anyone who wants to talk about using a tumble dryer Note:

1, different water absorption of different fabrics to separate dehydration.

2, new drum dryer installation or new wire, you must ensure that the motor rotation direction is correct.

3, due to the serious uneven fabric placed unequal vibrations, should immediately turn off the power switch, replace the fabric even after dehydration.

4, the amount of fabric is not overloaded. In fact, this machine is rarely used in our lives, this machine has a very good advantage, that is, the principle is very obvious, and the large drum dryer can be many of the large factories to use, can give us a lot of convenience, but also to a large extent, save the workforce.

The large drum dryer has a structure, for this dewatering machine there is also a large roller, there are many holes in the drum, these holes can allow you to use the time that will be inside the water from clean, is a very good effect, of course, this structure is also a relatively simple structure. Large roller dryer for daily maintenance

To extend the life of large tumble dryers, it is important to maintain your large tumble dryers regularly. Experience has taught me how to better maintain drum dryers:

1, if there is enough time, you can choose the year, month, day of service:

2, daily maintenance is also a trick to maintain the method, every time using a large drum dryer after the path on the drum dryer for maintenance, when using the drum dryer should be immediately after the water is completely drained and use a dry cloth to wipe it to prevent internal rust.

3, a month also a little maintenance, large drum dryer inside and outside of gray, clean dust spots, and the air machine to start the machine, check whether the fuselage sound is abnormal, abnormal sound and other abnormal start sound, and the lubricating oil injection bearing to The bearing has extended its service life!

4, large roller dryer every year for large-scale maintenance is important to thoroughly clean the washing machine's cold coil, hot coil and other parts of debris and cilia to prevent the machine from rusting, cleaning the solvent pump. To prevent the material inside the pump caused by clogging, the length of the solvent cleaning tank, so that the service life is extended.

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