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Types of laundries

Laundry equipment  is an indispensable attribute of any laundry. The type of equipment used depends on the type of establishment. What kind of laundries are there?

How are laundry rooms divided?

All laundries can be divided into several main types. The main distinguishing criterion is the washing volume:

  • Micro laundry . This type of laundry is typical for beauty salons and hairdressers. The volume of such institutions is small: up to 100 kilograms per load. Main equipment: professional washing machine, dryer and ironing rink;
  • Mini laundry. Equipped in kindergartens, restaurants, beauty salons. For one wash, 100 to 300 kilograms of dry laundry are loaded;
  • Laundry room is medium in size. Ideal for hotels with small to medium occupancy, hostels and hostels. Volume of dry laundry – 300-2000 kilograms;
  • Large laundry room. In such a laundry, from 2000 to 6000 kilograms of laundry can be washed in one load. Typical for large hotels, medical institutions or military units;
  • Factory. Very rare. The volume of laundry can reach up to 30,000 kilograms. A laundry of this type can be equipped to meet the needs of a military district or as a separate laundry enterprise.

Regardless of the type of establishment, it is equipped with special laundry equipment: washing and drying machines, ironing rollers, steam dummies, etc. Proper organization of the production process allows you to wash a huge amount of laundry in a short time, which makes this type of activity profitable.

Self-service laundromats are popular today. To meet their own needs, laundries are created in hotels, hospitals, sports complexes and other institutions.

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