Washing machines for hotels: features of choice_

The star rating of the hotel, the number of rooms, the schedule and duration of the laundry staff's work shifts and a number of other factors - all this forms the performance parameter of the hotel. This, in turn, influences how to choose washing machines for a hotel. The efficiency of washing, the service life of the equipment and the quality of service in general depend on proper calculation and correct selection of laundry equipment.

What should a laundry room look like?

To understand which washing machines are suitable for a hotel and make the right choice, first of all, for the laundry room you need to properly organize the space and equip the room. To do this, certain requirements must be met. First of all, it is necessary to ensure a supply of cold and hot water (to save on heating), and sewerage. The laundry room must be designed for at least 30 kW of electricity and have a three-phase voltage of 380 V. This is necessary for the equipment to function more efficiently than with 220 V.

The floor in such a room is concrete with a minimum thickness of 200 mm. Where the equipment is installed, its surface must be horizontal. A slope relative to the zero line over a length of 100 cm of no more than ± 2 mm is allowed. The walls are finished with ceramic tiles, which must be at least 1800 mm above the floor level. Non-slip tiles or any other covering that is easy to keep clean are laid on the floor.

High-quality and convenient washing of linen in a hotel in compliance with all safety measures is possible if the premises meet the specified requirements.

How to choose washing machines for a hotel

When choosing a washing machine intended for use in a hotel, you first need to pay attention to:

  • her productivity so that she can cope with assigned tasks to the fullest;
  • quality and reliability of equipment (if necessary, specialists will explain which equipment can be considered the most reliable);
  • useful options (built-in weighing system, programmable microprocessor, large door, etc.);
  • operational life (devices are designed to perform a certain number of cycles, frequency of replacement of parts and elements);
  • cost and manufacturer.

Professional washing machines have a long service life. But, since they will have to wash a lot of linen in a hotel, they need regular maintenance. This will ensure efficient operation of the equipment and prevent serious breakdowns.

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