Water cleaning of down jackets_

Water cleaning of down jackets

Almost all women, especially good housewives, know what dry cleaning is. But now, in the era of advanced technology, an equally effective way to clean dirt has appeared. It's called aqua-cleaning. This method has a number of main advantages compared to conventional dry cleaning: it is completely safe for human health and environmentally friendly.

How does the water cleaning process work?

Many people know how negatively washing affects down jackets, which are based on padding polyester. Dry cleaning can affect the structure of the down; it will roll into lumps, which will be extremely difficult to straighten in the future. An unpleasant odor appears. And the biggest problem is that washing significantly reduces the thermal insulation properties of a down jacket; It's not so warm in there now.

The main problem with cleaning a down jacket at home is the subsequent processes of drying and ironing. The fluff must be thoroughly dried. And this must be done immediately after the item is removed from the washing machine drum. Optimal drying can be provided by drying machines, special laundry equipment installed in industrial laundries or self-service laundries.

Removing stains from the surface of a down jacket, washing and ironing in the laundry can take no more than 1.5-2 hours. No need to mess around at home. Most often, washing is carried out in water heated to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. In some cases, the temperature is raised to 60 degrees.

For quality removal, you need to use good cleaning gels. It does not leave stains on the surface of the material. Immediately after finishing washing (about 40-50 minutes), the down jacket is placed in the dryer. Drying lasts for 45 minutes. If the size of the down jacket is large, then sometimes it is necessary to perform double drying.

Laundry technologists often use tennis balls. They beat the fluff inside the down jacket, which gives it its original appearance.

What else do you need to know?

Sometimes manufacturers indicate on down jacket labels that this product cannot be washed and dried, and should only be cleaned by dry cleaning. It is worth knowing that during dry cleaning, special products containing chlorine are used. This chemical element, when it enters the body, does nothing good.

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