What types of laundries are there?_

Each enterprise in the human service sector needs different substructures to ensure the normal functioning of the entire service. One of them is the laundry system. There is a classification of laundries, differing in scope and features of arrangement. They can be used to support the operation of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, fitness clubs, SPA salons and other organizations.

What types of laundries are there?

The classification of laundries includes several types of organizations. If we consider their main varieties, it is worth highlighting the following enterprise formats:

  • Mini laundry . A small one, as a rule, is equipped with 1-3 pairs of equipment - several washing machines, drying equipment, and an ironing press. Usually it is located in places where clients can stay for some time while their clothes are washed. This format is popular in saunas, beauty salons, restaurants, and fitness clubs. Starting the wash can be done by the client or the employee.
  • Laundry factory. It is a complex that combines the features of a dry cleaner and a laundry. This allows him to work throughout the year. The main clients are corporate customers.
  • Bath and laundry plant . Often installed in recreation rooms, swimming pools and other places. It also provides for the possibility of renting personal hygiene products and linen to clients.
  • Specialized enterprises. The classification of laundries includes a separate category of systems that provide services in hospitals, hotels, factories - wherever regular processing of large volumes of laundry is necessary.

Each type of laundry has its own characteristics, requirements for arrangement and list of necessary equipment.

Self-service laundry

When considering what types of laundries there are, it is also worth mentioning self-service establishments. Their main purpose is not to wash clothes, but to rent out specialized equipment intended for processing products. Customers load the machines themselves, add detergent, unload the laundry, and then iron and dry it.

The considered format of enterprises assumes the presence of Laundromat machines. They have cash receptacles for making rent payments. After the client places money into one of them, he needs to select the appropriate mode and start the device. After this, the washing will begin.

Regardless of the type of laundry, each of them requires the use of professional equipment.  When planning a laundry room, be sure to pay attention to the amount of available energy consumption in the room you choose. We recommend choosing a room with a value of 50 kW or more, depending on the intended functionality of the laundry.

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