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Dry cleaning is an enterprise engaged in removing various types of contaminants from various surfaces and products. In order for its services to be of high quality, you should take a responsible approach to the question of how to choose dry cleaning equipment. Household appliances are not intended for use on an industrial scale. Only specialized laundry equipment with appropriate functionality and high service life will be suitable.

What to consider when choosing equipment

To understand how to choose dry cleaning equipment, you should know the criteria for such equipment. First of all, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Types of products and materials accepted for processing.
  • Types of services that will be provided by the enterprise. The service may include dry, wet, finishing. The equipment package depends on this.
  • The area of the room, which affects the dimensions of the selected equipment.

The equipment must be highly productive, simple and quiet to operate, reliable and durable. Also, modern economic conditions dictate the need to choose cost-effective equipment characterized by energy efficiency. Its environmental friendliness is also important due to the acute urgency of the problem of environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources. But, rather, this is a matter of responsibility of the individual business owner, and not a mandatory requirement.


Laundry equipment: set of equipment

When planning dry cleaning, be sure to pay attention to the amount of available power consumption in the room you have chosen. We recommend choosing a room with a value of 50 kW or more, depending on the intended functionality of the laundry.

The list of necessary equipment depends on several points. First of all, it is taken into account which technological processes are being carried out or planned to be carried out at the enterprise. The standard equipment includes a washing and drying machine, a stain removal table, a steam generator, and a dry cleaning machine. To carry out finishing processing, the set includes ironing tables and presses, and a steam dummy. Don’t forget about the auxiliary equipment – carts, tables, racks, etc.

Knowing how to choose dry cleaning equipment, you will select equipment that has optimal characteristics for your enterprise. This will not only provide high-quality services to customers, but also speed up the payback on equipment. The result is successful business development and return on investment in a shorter period of time.

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