White vs colored bed linen in a hotel_

As you can see, most prestigious hotels often use snow-white products when decorating their rooms. Many people prefer to buy white bed linen for a hotel: sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, mattress covers What are the reasons for this choice, since colored textiles are more practical? There is an explanation for this decision. And more than one.


Reasons for using white bedding


Most hotels with an impeccable image pay a lot of attention to the selection and processing of products used in the rooms. Why do they prefer to buy hotel bed linen in white:

  • It goes well with any furniture and interior style, it does not contradict, but is an excellent background.
  • With proper care, it retains its color for a long time and is not able to fade or lose its richness.
  • It is perceived loyally by many guests. White color is strongly associated with purity.
  • Possibility to process all light-colored products together without the need for pre-sorting.
  • Basic underwear, which includes white items, will cost less than colored items.

And, in general, for hotels, perfectly ironed, stain-free, snow-white linen is a sign of prestige and a demonstration of high standards.


When is it better to have colored bed linen for a hotel?


Despite the fact that owners usually prefer to buy hotel bed linen made in white, such a solution is not always advisable. There are a number of reasons why plain light-colored items cannot be kept perfectly clean. They will have to be changed very often, which will be clearly unprofitable for the hotel. And it’s not at all a matter of laziness of the service personnel or the use of low-quality laundry equipment, inappropriate processing technologies and detergents.

For example, the problem with snow-white laundry is often observed in regions with water containing large amounts of iron. After processing, there is a high probability of product staining. Due to exposure to water, they may turn yellowish, reddish or even brown.

It is in connection with such problems that colored bed linen for a hotel is a more correct and economical option. It is better to opt for such a solution than to incur large expenses or spoil your reputation with less than perfect white underwear. After all, such products are intended for reusable use. Therefore, when choosing bedding, you should take into account many factors, and not blindly follow the hotel “fashion” for “snow-whiteness”.

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