YISHI ironing machine series_

YISHI is a series of reliable professional ironing calenders. Equipment from the premium segment category from a famous Spanish brand is created from high-quality spare parts and elements. These laundry ironing machines are equipped with an innovative control system, making them multi-functional, productive and easy to use.

Depending on the characteristics and capabilities of a particular model, an ironing calender of this series can be included in the equipment of a laundry room with varying degrees of load. They are purchased for large restaurants, hotels, industrial plants, hospitals, medical centers, commercial laundries and other facilities.

Main characteristics of YISHI series

YISHI laundry ironing machines include a wide range of models. There are calenders with different shaft diameters: 325 mm and 510 mm. They also differ in the length of the ironing zone: 1540 mm, 1900 mm, 2120 mm, 2530 mm, 3165 mm. When choosing an ironing calender for a specific object and the expected volume of laundry processed per day, it is necessary to take into account the specified characteristics. They affect the speed of task completion and equipment performance.

The YISHI  series implements the Inteli Control control system, which allows you to select your preferred mode from several dozen standard programs and control the entire process. The operator has the ability to regulate the temperature and speed of ironing. In addition, the equipment is equipped with the most modern safety systems, eliminating the possibility of injury to the user.

Advantages of YISHI series

Equipping a laundry with the ironing machines in question will allow you to establish an effective process for processing laundry after washing and drying. All thanks to the advantages of the equipment:

  • High performance. Loading and unloading of laundry is carried out at the front of the machine, using the entire surface of the roller. One operator can control the operation of the device.
  • Automatic speed control.
  • Roller with chrome surface. Due to this, increased thermal conductivity is guaranteed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automatic folding of laundry of any length.
  • Hand protection with dual position sensor. Ensures operator safety.
  • Increased service life of belts, long service life of equipment.

Ironing machines for laundry YISHI are high-quality, productive and practical equipment designed for many years of use.

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