YISHI laundry equipment: stable quality and supplies to Russia_

YISHIis a world-famous brand engaged in the development and manufacture of equipment for laundries for various purposes and volumes of laundry processing. The products are supplied to four continents and are widely in demand. YISHI laundry equipment has become synonymous with high quality, unconditional reliability and economical consumption of resources.

The company produces a wide range of equipment. It includes washer-extractors and dryers, ironing calenders, and laundry folders . But the most popular are washing machines for laundry, the production of which includes innovative solutions.


YISHI laundry equipment : product advantages


The Turkish company, formed more than 80 years ago, is today one of the largest suppliers of laundry equipment. Currently, it is actively working in cooperation with the Thanks to such fruitful cooperation with the European manufacturer, many innovative solutions have been developed and implemented.

All company products comply with German -Scandinavian quality standards. The design of each machine is carefully thought out, and reliable materials and components from Japan, Europe, and the USA are used for its manufacture. The equipment has exclusive functional features. Tumble dryers use infrared measurement of laundry temperature by installing smart controllers in them. They independently adjust and, if necessary, stop drying things.

Laundry washing machines come with a shaft and hub that come with a lifetime warranty. This is ensured by a ceramic coating of the shaft and the use of unique Teflon oil seals, the idea of which was borrowed from the aircraft industry.

Drying drums are equipped with sliding doors, which allows you to speed up the process of loading and unloading the machine, as well as installing them in rooms with a small area.


Laundry equipment YISHI : wide range


The manufacturer's catalogs include high-quality laundry equipment, namely:

The company provides stable supplies of equipment from Turkey to Russia. YISHI equipment is available in a warehouse located in Moscow and is available for order.

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